Hostel form for class XI admitted students through direct and screening is available during office hours 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM, last date of submission 15th July 2022. SD/- Principal   /    Admission to class XI Science 2022-23 session closed   /    Result of screening test for admission to class XI science 2022-23   /    Details of Admission to class XI Science 2022-23   /    Online Registration for Class XI Science admission will be available from 1st July 2022.




About MECI Explorer Academy

MECI Explorer Academy Imphal learning will be based on the changing technology and provides some of the best Academic facilities to give our students the utmost support to learn in the best way possible.

MECI Explorer Academy offered COHSEM General courses and on the basis of desirable career options additional classes is also conducted.

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What We Provide


Hostels are situated in close proximity with nature, provides a home-like environment. Medical facility is provided to take care of emergencies.


It is organised in school campus to provide hygienic & nutritious food, snacks etc. taking into consideration the health and well being of the students.


A well prepared clinic under the supervision of qualified doctors provides first aid and immediate help to student during school hours for all types of ailments.


Students are not allowed to come by their own two wheeler / four wheeler vehicle / bicycle. For transport only bus services, are available in different routes.

We Work Hard To Prepare Every Student For Their Professional Life.